Sicily, where I was born (in 1967), and where I live and work, has provided me with almost all the photographic subjects and themes that I have developed over the last twenty years.

While the themes may be timeless – landscapes, portraits, people, the sea, and so on – I prefer to treat them in a way that is personal and contemporary.

What interests me is the situation of Sicily today: I want to express my feelings about the environment, the society or the culture as they are now, in the present -putting aside all the myths and clichés that have grown up around the idea of ”the eternal Sicily”.

Each time the camera shutter clicks it registers an encounter between the individual’s eye (and mind) and the outside world. Perhaps more than other art forms photography dramatises the tension that exists between the inner world of the artist, the microcosm, and the macrocosm of ‘the big world outside’.

Living in the far south of a Mediterranean island I have always been acutely aware of that tension, which I have resolved by engaging, whenever possible, with people and realities other than those which are familiar to me. Outside of Italy I have exhibited in France and the United States, and I am always happy to develop dialogues with photographers from other cultures and countries. For as the poet John Donne said, “No man is an island” – even when it precisely the island he lives in which defines the man’s work and his identity!